Attack, Defend - Become the Hero of the Skies

Release Date: Currently soft launched in Philippine (TBA for world wide launch)
Platform: iOS
Heroes Above Sky Clash takes players into a high flying real-time strategy game the combines RPG, tower defense and resource management elements. Collect, train and evolve your heroes to create the perfect squad for battles in the sky. Purchase new warships to gain advantage even before the battle begins!

Players are to deploy their heroes before the battle begins. As the battle starts, the heroes will try to board the enemy ships and start their onslaught. Summon more units to overwhelm the enemy. The objective is to destroy the enemy’s mysterious crystal that powers their flying ships.

Beware, however, attacking blindly without a strategy will quickly lead to a defeat. Develop the ultimate battle strategy, dominate the skies and make a name for yourself among the heroes above!


Recruit heroes with 9 basic types, each with 2 advance forms
Expand your island and gather more resources
Purchase and try new warships
Battle other players online and take claim of their resources
Tile-based real-time strategy game
Pre-deploy your heroes before battles
Vibrant and colourful graphics
As Captain of your very own Sky Ship, scout and train your crew of Heroes to defend your home! Summon raging barbarians, explosive fire mages, even dead-eye gunners. There are over hundreds of unique play styles to choose from!



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