Runewards is a free-to-play competitive strategy card game set in a fantasy themed world that allows players to battle one against another.
In Runewards, players are able to play Single-Player versus A.I. or Multiplayer versus other players in Unranked Matches.

Quick to learn, fast-paced matches. You'll be hooked in no time!
Unique Armies and Heroes, each with his own playstyle and cards.
Tactics is the keyword here, where each move you make can lead to victory or defeat.
Competitive Playground, where you can play ranked matches to battle for fame and glory. Do you have what it takes to reach the top?
Free to Play - You can earn cards just by doing quests and earning achievements.
An immersive world where each card and character has a story. 



Aliens are invading your planet!

Face against an army of Invadies, as they throw hopping slimes, vaporizing blasters, and bumbling mechs to bring you down. Fight back or be squished in this endless world runner, as you discover new planets, save and collect new characters, and climb to the top of the leaderboards to show who is the true planetary defender.



ENTER the Medieval era! BUILD your empire from the ground up, GUIDE its great rulers and LEAD it to prosperity!

*** More than 30 million registered users worldwide. ***
◉ Deep and rewarding MMO Strategy gameplay◉ Build, develop and expand your empire◉ Create or join an alliance◉ Epic PvE events◉ Participate in global PvP wars◉ Raid barbarian camps◉ Guide the lives of your great people
◉ Join millions of players from around the world in more than 20 languages


Coming soon to iOS and Android.

A super cool looking comic book style runner game Comic Boy that has been hand drawn by the artist from the hit game Limbo! 

Comic Boy also boasts an amazing and original soundtrack from actual rockstars!

More info coming soon.....



Coming Soon........


 A Puzzle Game with Stunning Visuals, Beautiful Music and a Subtle Emotional Story

 ​=== OVERVIEW ===
Solve puzzles in the handcrafted forests of Evergrow through the eyes of an imaginative child and his parents. 
Discover their unfolding story told through the child's ever-changing room.
Beautiful In Game Music



TAP SUMMONER is a mobile RPG Tower Offense action card battle game for Android & IOS users. A real-time fast paced tapping combat game. This game is focused around tapping your screen, in so summoning different minions to attack the bosses. Play up to 15 unique master that carry 45 types of minion, each with their own strengths in the beautifully crafted environments. 



A gloriously engaging and absorbing interactive piece of art. Not just one for the eyes but for the ears also as the soundtrack demands your attention as you feel the beat of the music deep in your soul – Crank up the volume!

Neogen Fallout is a pure, minimalistic arcade game with neon lights, fluid gameplay and high speeds and all interacting as one with the mesmeric visual style and accompanying music.


Welcome to I Am President game where you get to be the President who will make the calls to make your country better (or worse). Every decision will affect your wealth, approval rating, security and population. Do not tempt your fate. 

I Am President will test your wits to see if you are fit to become a leader of the country. How long can you stay in power before you are overthrown by the people. Even if the people love you, can you avoid some “accidents” that will cut short your presidency reign?



Help Hercules tame the great Cretan Bull! 
Accompany Hercules in quest for the Cretan Bull! Meet heroes and gods, fight beasts and build Wonders!

A hero from Ancient Greece, Hercules, who tries to tame the great Cretan Bull. 
The evil goddess Hera frightens the bull, which goes wild and ruins the roads and buildings. You help Hercules to save the day.



“Tons Of Bullets” is a platformer game where you control Kenji, a ninja. The game mixes a pixel art with a retro look with modern and awesome 2D effects like fluids, god rays, soft shadows and much more.

The game is inspired by titles such as“Cave Story”, “Mario Bros”, “Metal Slug”, “Stealth Inc”, “Rex Rocket” or “Mighty Retro Zero”. More details coming soon, keep an eye out at the Tons of Bullets Facebook page..


JANKEN BATTLE ARENA doesn’t only fit into one genre. With gameplay that is strategic but also requires  reflex, dexterity and rhythm, echoing the traditional origins of “JAN KEN PON“
✧ Collect your guardian spirits and make them evolve with new abilities and special knocks.
✧ Polish up your strategy according to the weaknesses of your opponents.
✧ Over 150 amazing items to collect″


Super Crossbar Challenge is a new arcade sports game that is originated from a new popular challenge among footballers and fans alike. The idea is for you to hit the crossbar instead of putting the ball into the net. 
=== GAMEPLAY ===
Players are to swipe right to shoot the ball. Keep in mind the angle and power that you are swiping because it will determine the direction and speed that the ball will go. Once you find the sweet spot, remember it!
You may also perform bicycle kicks and volleys to earn more coins and fans. In the arcade mode, some of the goals will require players to perform multiple bicycle and volley to hit the crossbar.

Attack, Defend - Become the Hero of the Skies

Heroes Above Sky Clash takes players into a high flying real-time strategy game the combines RPG, tower defense and resource management elements. Collect, train and evolve your heroes to create the perfect squad for battles in the sky. Purchase new warships to gain advantage even before the battle begins!



The sequel of the popular rhythm-based platform game has arrived!

*** More than 10 million downloads from Give It Up! worldwide. ***

Give It Up! 2 combines the best features of platform and rhythm games, bringing the best Give It Up! ever. Play with Blob or one of his friends in a unique and surreal grayscale world full of deadly spikes and platforms.